We were hearing the same comments repeatedly.  And not from one client but several.

"We need to focus on digital"

"How do we reach all of these people using social media?"

 "I really need help with search, but I'm not sure what to do."

We heard it from our brand clients, from business owners and even our agency peers.  And given the shift in how consumers increasingly use digital, social, mobile and search we saw an opportunity.

At DSS we have years of experience providing digital, social, mobile and search marketing solutions for brands and businesses.

So while you may not be asking all of those questions, we can provide the answers to those you have.

Our Mission

The idea for Digital Social Strategies was born in a classroom at Michigan State University during a guest lecture by our agency founder.   The students were asked if they had read an actual paper newspaper or any print within the last year.  Not one hand went up.  Then they were asked if they listened to the radio, this time one hand sheepishly went up for a few seconds, and quickly back down.  When asked the same question about TV a few hands went up, but they were quick to disclaim it was only for must see TV and live events such as sports that were "DVR proof" in their terms.  And where did they watch everything?  On their phones.

Broadcast.  Radio.  Print.  The previous pillars of marketing were an afterthought.  When discussing how this target audience consumed information and content it was clear.  The transformative shift to Digital and Social is here.  The increasing use of Mobile is exploding and the ability to understand and utilize Search opportunities has never been more important. To use an old adage from another industry which needed to face change - the train has left the station. Our job is to help you along for the ride.

At DSS we have a proven track record of success with years of expertise in driving results for partners ranging from large brands to small businesses.   We  strive to help our clients grow their business and maximize the impact of their marketing in Digital, Social, Mobile and Search.  

The future is here, our mission is to help you capitalize on it.

“Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble.”
— Ian Schaefer

What We deliver


  • Digital Stategies
  • Website Development
  • Digital Media Planning/Buying
  • Digital Content Development
  • Digital Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Strategy/Keyword Development 
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Social Promotions
  • Social Media Planning/Buying
  • Social Content Development
  • Social Platform/Community Management
  • Social Analytics
  • Mobile Strategy/Media Buying
  • Mobile Optimization