Delivering Digital Marketing strategies that improve site engagement, LEAD GEN and SEO.   

It began with a Digital Strategy for the Learning Care Group to improve their overall site experience. This led to new reduced but streamlined site copy, an enhanced visual design, which resulted in consumers spending 30% more time on the site by visit.  In addition, SEO optimization with the new copy dramatically improved search rankings.  And by also leveraging an integrated Digital Media plan to drive engagement, LCG experienced a 20% increase within the first six months of the Digital Strategy implementation. 


Crafting social media strategies that increase awareness, engagement, and sales

Developed a comprehensive Social Marketing Strategy and Implementation Plan for each of Kao’s beauty brands (John Frieda, Biore, Jergens).  In addition, we incorporated a detailed Digital/Social Integration plan to utilize social media engagement to drive web traffic and we prepared an extensive Social Promotional plan to drive awareness.  In addition, we created unique Brand Advocacy programs for each of the brands, leveraging Blogger Programs and Crowdsourced Initiatives.  

Within the first year of implementing the Social Strategy John Frieda increased their Facebook fans by 500K and utilized a Video Blogger program to become the most popular Beauty Brand on YouTube.  The increased social media focus also led to retail success as John Frieda partnered with ULTA on a social based promotion which exceeded in store sales by 13.8% and made them the top selling beauty brand at ULTA stores.  This was followed up by a Facebook based promotion featuring custom content developed using movie and TV celebrity Katie Holmes which drove another 100K in fan growth for the brand.

For Biore creation of a "Biore Super Fan" program helped drive a 400K increase in fans in the first year and the highest Twitter presence of any Kao Brand at over 5K followers.  In addition, Jergens saw an increase of 300K fans and created a significant YouTube presence with a customized video campaign featuring popular actress Jane Kriatkowski.  

In total within the first year of implementing the Social Strategy the brands saw a combined increase of over 1.2M Facebook fans and 10K Twitter followers.



Driving integration of digital, social and search

Integrated an extensive Mustang Refresh program incorporating strategies for Digital, Social, Mobile and Search for the iconic Ford Mustang brand.   The challenge, particular in appeasing a passionate fan base, was to tease the new 2010 Mustang design enhancements with a phased release of information via multiple platforms and a Mustang microsite which creatively provided glimpses into the new refresh styling changes.

The development of a detailed Digital/Social launch strategy incorporating elements of Digital, Social and an extensive keyword Search plan helped the Mustang increase sales by over 35K over the previous year model.